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    LBC Action Thread


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    LBC Action Thread Empty LBC Action Thread

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:55 am

    If you wish for a LBC post to gain results, you must post a direct link to that post in this thread. Players are to post only links to those posts in this thread, and Admins are to post only that the results have been generated. No discussions, debates, or other comments are permitted.

    Admins are to regularly check this thread and generate results for any posts linked to in this thread that have not yet been processed. Admins will then post the results in the appropriate thread in the admin forum, and will update planet stats accordingly.

    Players may only post in their own LBC threads, and Admins may only edit a LBC post to add the appropriate results or to remove content that is in violation of the site's rules. If anyone posts in or edits someone else's LBC thread inappropriately, a harsh penalty will be issued at the discretion of an administrator.

    Here are the rules for posting news:

    You can post domestic program spending.
    You can post non-treaty law changes.
    You can post propaganda and speeches.

    You cannot post your budget (You may post a RESPONSE to a budget already approved to gain Domestic Popularity).
    You cannot stage actions. (such as coups, attacks, or riots).
    You cannot post treaties

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