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    Post by Cthulhuvong on Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:56 am

    Little is known of the past inhabitants of the galaxy. What is known is that throughout the cosmos lies ruins and the creations of their past civilization. Simply known as the Forerunners, they are believed to be responsible for the Void Gates the galactic denizens use to travel through. It is theorized the Forerunners seeded many planets throughout the galaxy with life and even terraformed worlds for their creations. The only problem is, where have they gone? Some believe they are hidden somewhere in the galaxy and manipulate events, others say they inhabit another dimension and have the technology to move about the various dimensions at whim. Some say they never existed at all and attribute an unseen power with the creation of all life. What cannot be discredited is the random ruins found on planets throughout the galaxy, where it appears there once was life. While civilizations come and go, there are striking resemblances of the forgotten ruins that would suggest they were all made by one civilization, or possibly borrowed from a single ancient civilization.

    Although no trace of them biologically has been left, we still see their work. A problem proposed by intelligent beings of the galaxy is their disappearance. Some propose it was plague, internal strife, or the species advanced so far they transcended time and space, others propose they were wiped out by a violent race long forgotten. Many study the disapperance of the Forerunners in an effort to understand the past and the future. If the Forerunners, with all of their power and technology, died out, then what can save other species? What problems can be corrected the Forerunners made?

    Some argue they are still alive and around. From time to time, some civilizations claim sightings of advanced spacecraft. There are even reports of energy reading emanating off of planets until a survey is sent down and the readings disappear, with ruins of cities found on the planet. Most are just conspiracy theories, and many sighting may be secret governmental tests being conducted and covered up conveniently.

    Until the Forerunners make themselves known, they are merely a myth and a legend. Something the fledgling species of the galaxy can find hope in becoming, while seeking to overcome their problems. If they truly did create life in the galaxy, why? Some say it was a last ditch effort to continue life, knowing their race was dying. Others say it was for the fun of it.

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