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    Military Units Empty Military Units

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Sun Jul 24, 2011 9:29 pm


    Paramilitary Division

    Infantry Division

    Commando Battalion

    Battlesuit Battalion

    Planetary Units

    Ground Transport Battalion (Technical)

    Ground Transport Battalion (APC)

    Ground Transport Battalion (IFV)

    Armor Battalion (Light Armor)

    Armor Battalion (MBT)

    Armor Battalion (Heavy Armor)

    Armor Battalion (Artillery)

    Armor Battalion (Land Battleship)

    Armor Battalion (Walkers)

    Helicopter Battalion (Attack)

    Helicopter Battalion (Transport)


    Scout Fighter Wing

    Fighter-Bomber Wing

    Interceptor Wing

    Bomber Wing

    Transport Wing

    Laser/Gun/Torpedo Boat Squadron - Basically a mobile weapon platform, each individual ship carries a single capital weapon into battle.

    Cutter Squadron - Very lightly armed and armored. Can land on planets.

    Corvette Squadron - The smallest ship suitable for long-range patrol duties. Can serve as the basis for an escort, electronic warfare ship, picket, marine assault ship, etc. Can land on planets.

    Frigate - The smallest ship normally intended for ship to ship combat. Its more flexibile than the corvette, and it is generally more heavily armed and armored. It is somewhat slower than the corvette, but realistically is superior in all respects to the lighter craft. Can land on planets.

    Destroyer - A verstile hull design with a good mix of attributes. Often one of the workhorse masses in most interstellar fleets. Capable of filling a variety of roles. Can land on planets.

    Light Cruiser - The smallest cruiser mass vessel, often used as an independent patrol ship or as a picket ship for heavier vessels. Very flexible, functionally a larger destroyer. Indeed, often used as a destroyer leader in some navies. The largest ship that can land safely on a planetary surface.

    Heavy Cruiser - The backbone of many fleets, the heavy cruiser is the largest warship one will normally encounter on the frontier. Favoring weapons and armor over speed when compared to the light cruiser, the CA is nonetheless a capable ship in all fields.

    Battlecruiser - The heavy cruiser's track fiend bigger brother, the BC marries the firepower and protection of the CA on a hull capable of accelerating like a destroyer. Somewhat more verstile in mission role than its smaller cousin, it is not as well protected for a ship of its size, which is comparable to a battleship.

    Battleship - The smallest capital ship, battleships form the backbone of a race's capital ship fleets. Emphasizing firepower and protection over speed, battleships tend to be slow and lumbering, but can generally outmaneuver dreadnoughts and monitors.

    Dreadnought - The monster of space, the dreadnought is the battleship's bigger brother. Dreadnoughts have enough firepower to glass a planet's surface in a long weekend and are well protected enough to survive the fires of a full fleet engagement. They're also somewhat vulnerable to fighter attack, are extremely expensive, and take a long time to replace, so be smart about using them. One does not deploy dreadnoughts casually...

    Monitor - Are you seriously going to build something that eats several percent of your starting military in one go? Sure, it's a planet killer and a ruiner of afternoons, but it can only be in one place at a time. Slower than a snail in the desert, the Monitor should not be left unprotected lest someone's astrotech droid find a weakness to exploit...

    Escort Carrier - smaller carrier, about the size of a cruiser

    Fleet Carrier - medium carrier, about the size of a battlecruiser

    Super Carrier - large carrier, about the size of a battleship

    Non-Void Space Defenses

    Police Cutter - used for customs duties around a system. Lightly armed and armored, Cutters have a high speed and excellent sensors for detecting smugglers. Generally one or two of these will be present in almost any system, as they can be shipped in parts in crates and assembled by a tech team on the ground. Not designed for engaging warships.

    Orbital Weapons Platform - A basic unmanned weapons platform designed for orbital work, the OWP usually mounts a large quantity of missiles to allow it to fire for maximum effect before it is destroyed. Designed to be expendable and generally controlled from the ground. Normally a couple of these can be found in almost any system, as they are useful as a deterent to pirates. Even in the numbers normally seen around semi-major colonies-10 to 12-not a serious threat to anything larger than a destroyer.

    Systems Control Station - Generally found orbiting minor planets, Systems Control Stations act as a customs checkpoint and military outpost for a world. Found occasionally over major settlements, SCS combine the firepower of a cruiser in a package more economically efficent than a destroyer. However, they are functionally immobile.

    System Monitor - A STL ship with the mass of a light cruiser, there are a number of variations on the basic design, from carrier-type monitors to heavily armored designs primarily designed for orbital work. Monitors have all the advantages of mobile units in the defense of a star system and often operate in datalinked squadrons just like FTL-capable starships. Indeed, many monitors are actually retired starships converted to system defense duties.

    Battlestation - A heavy defense platform designed to defend a heavily inhabited world, a major shipyard, or other expensive economic investment. Battlestations, while generally not mobile, have the firepower to standoff cruisers and even battleships and are the keystone to most planetary defense networks. While the specific design varies from race to race, it is generally a bad idea to underestimate what a half dozen of these with their integrated fighters, gunboats, and OWPs can do to a careless raiding squadron.

    Heavy System Monitor - Generally only found in capital systems, the Heavy Systems Monitor is almost always a retired capital ship converted to system defense duties. These are capital ships with bad attitudes, even though they generally won't have the latest upgrades.

    Capital Defense Station - (You'll only see one of these, this is Starbase 1/Babylon 5 style) These mammoth stations are generally only found over your homeworld, and generally there's not more than one of them. They will ruin anyone's day, however, and invading fleets must be prepared to deal with them. (Monitor level firepower plus we're talking here)

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