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    Technology Dump


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    Technology Dump Empty Technology Dump

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:57 am

    This is just a bunch of ideas from different places, none is for sure going to be in the final tech system.

    Civilian Technologies
    Artificial intelligence
    Educational technology
    Industrial technology
    Materials science

    Motor vehicles
    Naval engineering
    Space technology

    Military Units
    Orbital Defense
    Ground Vehicles

    Armor Technologies

    Shield Technologies

    Weapon Technologies

    Propulsion Technologies

    Sensor Technologies

    Hull Coatings

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    Technology Dump Empty Re: Technology Dump

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:02 am

    "God does not play dice with the universe."
    -Albert Einstein

    "Albert! Stop telling God what to do."
    -Enrico Fermi.

    basic tech level and some ideas for techs to research:

    Utilities and Energy
    -Power Accumulation & Generation Complex, PAGC (a building that uses multiple sources to generate energy)

    -Garbage and Ore Recycling Facility, GORF (a building with high-efficiency recycling of all public and industrial waste)

    -Gravity Research Fields (research into gravity and new technologies branching from the research)
    --Level 1: Unification Theory/Unified Theory of Everything (unifies Gravity and Electromagnetics to allow for a flow of energy between the two; unites quantum mechanics and general relativity)*
    --Level 2: Artificial Gravity and Inertial Compensators (artificial gravity is created thanks to the Unification Theory, and allows for the creation of the internal compensator, a technology used in spaceships which compensated for the intense accelerations that a spaceship underwent in the course of its normal activities; without compensators, ships would either have to accelerate much more slowly, or kill their occupants with excessive g-forces)
    --Level 3a: Gravity Generators (this application of the Unification Theory allows for those on planetary bodies to gather energy from magnetic and gravitic fields and convert them into electricity)
    --Level 3b: Gravity Drives (the use of gravity wells as sources of propulsion with over 1G of acceleration; cannot be used with artificial gravity and internal compensators)
    --Level 4a: Gravitational Tide Exploitation (the gravity tides between moons and planet or other bodies/artificial satellites could be used to provide supplemental energy through a process of mechanical energy provided by gravity tides acting on devices, which in turn convert the mechanical energy into electrical- possibility of usefulness in asteroid dwelling, or moon-rich/binary-planet cultures)
    --Level 4b: Planetary Artificial Gravity (allows all planets to be equal to Earth standard gravity or 1g)
    --Level 5: Singularity Generator (uses the power of a singularity) 

    -Fusion Power (A nuclear fusion reactor that produces one helium atom from two deuterium atoms using extremely high pressure and very high temperature. Whenever two deuterium nuclei fuse into an alpha particle, there is a net decrease in mass. This mass does not simply disappear, but is converted into the kinetic energy of the newly created nucleus. This energy can be converted into electrical power. Each gram of deuterium provides 172 MWh of energy; thus the bigger the fusion reactor, the more parallel fusion reactions that can take place to increase the overall output energy. Requires Artificial Gravity and Inertial Dampeners)
    --Level 1: Basic Warm Fusion Plants (large plants the size of modern Nuclear Power Plants, more power generation than most advanced Fission Plants)*
    --Level 2a: Basic Cold Fusion Plants (large plants which create fusion reactions at room temperatures, making them fairly safe compaired to other Fusion Reactions)
    --Level 2b: Advanced Warm Fusion Reactors (smaller, self-contained Fusion Plants which put out as much energy as Basic Warm Fusion Plants)
    --Level 2c: Colossal Fusion Plants (Huge fusion plants which are able to put out multiples of the amount of energy of other Fusion or Fission plants)
    --Level 3a: Portable Fusion Reactions (the ability to move fusion power plants allows them to be placed in naval vessels such as Dreadnaughts and Jumpships)
    --Level 3b: Advanced Cold Fusion Reactors (small, self-contained cold-fusion reactions)
    --Level 3c: Colossal Cold Fusion (Gigantic cold-fusion plants for generation many times the normal amount of energy)
    --Level 4a: Miniature Fusion Reactors (allows for all naval units except for corvettes to have fusion power)
    --Level 4b: Portable Cold Fusion (dur...)
    --Level 5a: Fusion Batteries (batteries using Fusion power for personal and military vehicles)
    --Level 5b: Miniature Cold Fusion Reactors (ya...)

    --higher research in fusion power would allow for larger fusion reactors at the same or safer levels

    -Lunar Titanium (Virtually impenetrable from 120mm tank cannon ammunition, is erosion and weather proof, and has some degree of resistance from energy weapons. Manufactured in near zero gravity)

    -Magma Refining (allows for mining and refining of magma directly from under the planet's crust)

    -Antimatter Reactor (matter and antimatter combined to create a large amount of energy; low level power)

    -Black Hole Harvesting (when matter falls into a black-hole radiation is released, while inefficient, a quasi-capitalistic and waste-rich culture may be able to use this to harvest the energy released, whilst reducing the energy investment in disposing of waste products.)

    -Wormhole tech (either on large ships, using Jumpgates, or both; definately needs Fusion power)
    --level 1: laboratory work*
    --level 2a: Early Jumpgates (giant machines in space that can only send small vessels from one to another)* (Can operate but not build)
    --level 2b: Jumpcomms (using jumpgate technology to transmit messages at faster than light speeds)*
    --level 3a: Late Jumpgates (Giant machines in space which can launch small vessels without an end gate; jumpgates can also send medium vessels between jumpgates; giant machines on planets allowing the transport of non-organic items from one gate to another)
    --level 3b: LightNexus (a continuation of the jumpcomm, this is a network similar to the internet using ftl transcievers creating a constant connection at over the speed of light)
    --level 3c: Early Jumpdrives (Giant spaceships able to jump without gates; called "jumpers" or "worms")
    --level 4a: Land Gates (machines on planets allowing the transport of items from one gate to another on a planet)
    --level 4b: Ansible (message trancievers which are able to instantly send messages to any other ansible around)
    --level 4c: Late Jumpdrives (moderately-sized spaceships which can make jumps without gates; can also take smaller, attached ships with them)
    --level 5: Quantum Gates (machines on planets allowing for transport of items from one planetary body to another)

    -Impulse Engines (need fusion tech or advanced fission, uses the waste from the reactions to shoot out the engines at fractions of the speed of light)*

    -Allied Masternav (computer system used to track orbital patterns of planets within known star systems. It must be constantly updated with the latest software to stay up-to-date with galactic changes, and organizations must work together to keep it up to date. Thus the allied portion. Originally run by the government to allow for Jumpdrive jumps, now only run by CorEmp's military)* (CorEmp Only)

    -Plasma weapons (Plasma is one of four states of matter and consists of an equal number of + and - charged gas particles. Plasma can be produced from a gas if enough energy is added to cause the electrically neutral atoms of the gas to split into positively and negatively charged atoms and electrons. Those charged particles then get bundled into "bolts" using magnetic technology and those bolts can be fired off)
    --Plasma Guns (use plasma technology to fire off bolts of superexcited gas)
    --Level 1: Heavy Plasma Cannons (naval sized guns)
    --Level 2: Medium Plasma Cannons (vehicle sized guns)
    --Level 3: Light Plasma Cannon (man-portable)
    --Level 4: Plasma RIfles and Pistols 
    --Inferno Guns (use plasma technology to fire a stream of plasma at the enemy)
    --Level 1: Heavy Inferno Cannons (naval sized guns)
    --Level 2: Medium Inferno Cannons (vehicle sized guns)
    --Level 3: Light Inferno Cannon (man-portable)
    --Level 4: Inferno RIfles and Pistols 

    -Gauss weapons (nothing more but a massively oversized particle accelerator where projectiles with a weight of several tons get accelerated using huge electromagnetic coils. The exit speed of those huge particles is so big to burn the dust in the surrounding air and the repulsion from the shot shakes the ground.
    Even the newest armour alloys and shield technologies have a hard time withstanding the impact of such a projectile - more often than not, the target simply beats through the targets structure)
    -level 1: Mass Driver (used to move large objects fairly fast either from a planets surface into space or down onto a planets surface as a weapon)*
    -level 2: Quench Cannons (cannons able to be based in space, on the ground, or on space and water naval vessels that uses a series of electromagnets to accelerate a magnetic shell to very high velocities)
    -level 3: Gauss Guns (guns able to be based on fighter craft and vehicles)
    -level 4: Coilguns (personel and squad-based level weapons)

    -Interplanetary Missiles (yea, you heard me, basically upgraded ballistic missiles)

    -Particle Weaponry (uses an ultra high energy beam of atoms or electrons to damage a material target by hitting it, and thus disrupting its atomic and molecular structure)

    -Directed Energy Weaponry (use of focused energy to deal damage to opponents)
    --Laser Weaponry (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, emits photons in a coherent beam)*
    --Maser Weaponry (Molecular Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, emits amplified microwaves in a coherent beam)*
    --Electrolaser Weaponry (lets blooming occur, and then sends a powerful electric current down the conducting ionized track of plasma so formed, somewhat like lightning)

    -Railgun (use of 2 magnetically charged metal rails to propel an electrically conductive projectile)
    --level 1: Naval Railguns (both water and space based railguns are available)*
    --level 2a: Planetary Catapults (use of rails to launch objects into space, or from space onto a planet)
    --level 2b: Armor Railguns (armor and walker based railguns)

    -Flechette launchers (fires a canister filled with tiny razorsharp needles at high velocity; when it reaches a certain distance or impacts something, it explodes releasing the shards in all directions)
    --Level 1: Personel-based Flechette launchers*
    --Level 2: Vehicle/Walker-based flecette launchers
    --Level 3: Naval Flak Launchers (both water and space, anti-missle and anti-fighter)

    -Bording weapons (used to board other vehicles)
    -Level 1a: Space Assault armor (armor used to cut through and enter ships from the outside)
    -Level 1b: Cutting Umbilicle (the ship umbilicle used to normally attach to others to allow for walking between ships has cutting lasers attached to allow it to cut through an airlock door)
    -Level 2a: Bording Shuttles (shuttles specifically created to board other ships directly through the hull)
    -Level 2b: Boarding Umbilicle (ship can launch tubes which can cut through the hull of ships and allow entry into them)

    -Nuclear weapons (mushroom clouds)
    --Level 1: Dirty bomb (basic explosive with nuclear material)*
    --Level 2: Nuclear bomb (A-bomb)*
    --Level 3a: Pulse Bomb (Electromagnetic pulse)
    --Level 3b: Thermonuclear bomb (H-bomb)
    --Level 4a: Pulse weapons (use a magnetic pulse to knock out electronics and central nevous systems for a bit)
    --Level 4b: Neutron Bomb (deadly radiation, conventional detonation)

    -Directed sound weaponry (lound noises)
    --Level 1: Supersonic Disabler (high-level sounds which disable people)
    --Level 2: Subsonic Inducer (low level sounds that make people sick)

    -Ultraviolet weaponry (radiation that tears you apart at the atomic level)

    -Biological Weaponry (viruses and bacteria)*

    -Chemical Weaponry (chemicals used to kill, harm, or incapacitate)*

    Gyrojet Weaponry (guns which fire homing rounds which use mini-jets)

    -Reflective Armor (for all types of units; highly reflective armor used against directed energy weapons such as lasers, masers, and ultraviolet weapons; does not protect against particle, plasma, or conventional weaponry)
    --Laminated Armor (an outer armor layer consisting of a single piece, rather than connected plates. It provides protection against directed energy weaponry by dispersing them across the entire surface of the armor. This provides superior protection against directed energy weapons, but eventually the armor begins to melt from the accumulated heat)
    --Wire-Laminate Armor (same as Laminated Armor, except wires run through the laminate to absorb the energy to allow for more powerful energy for the weapons in return)

    -Ablative Armor (for all types of units; highly effective against all types of weaponry; made from high-tensile ceramics, these armor sections are made to withstand most any attack, but the sections are destroyed after one hit, thus rendering continual assult on the section devistating)
    --Explosive Reactive Armor (consists of a sheet or slab of high explosive sandwiched between two plates, typically metal or ceramics; On attack by a penetrating weapon, the explosive detonates, forcibly driving the metal plates apart to damage the penetrator)
    --Electric Reactive Armor (armor is made up of two or more conductive plates separated by some space or by an insulating material, creating a high-power capacitor; a high-voltage power source charges the armor. When an incoming body penetrates the plates, it closes the circuit to discharge the capacitor, dumping a great deal of energy into the penetrator, which may vaporize it or even turn it into a plasma, significantly diffusing the attack)

    -Refractor Field (energy field around a non-personel unit which creates an anti-directed energy field, as well as reduces the effects of conventional weaponry, even destroying missle weapons on most occations; electronic sensors are rendered useless while the Field is active, and visual sighting is needed)

    -Composite Armor (made of layered metals,plastics, and ceramics, this armor is stronger, lighter and less voluminous than traditional armour, but the cost is often prohibitively high)*

    -Computers and Robotics (use of advancing computer technology to create semi-AI)
    --Level 1: Robot Intelligence Theory (the idea that Robots can have the operational level of humans)*
    --Level 2a: Robotic Manual Labor (robots capable of human levels of manual labor)
    --Level 2b: Quantum Computing (computing using the laws of quantum mechanics; requires Unified Theory of Everything)
    --Level 3: Automated Robotics (homes and basic government operations such as law enforcement left up to robots)
    --Level 4a: EDWARD Sattelite (an Early Disaster Warning And Resource Detection Sattelite, detects seismological and weather based disasters on a planet as well as mineral deposits and fertile soil; usually sent ahead of colonization, and kept for long afterwards)
    --Level 4b: Drone Combat (the use of drones run either by remote or computer)
    --Level 4c: Matrioshka Brain (A moon-sized structure used for massive computations, in which one end is a funnel-like solar collector which leads into the spherical shape of the other end. This end is covered in heat sinks to regulate the internal temperature.requires Quantum Computers)
    --Level 4d: Structured AI (ability to function freely, but conformed to restrictions placed on it by humans; usually only exist within a defined system)
    --Level 5: VALDIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System, a system made to control and automate all life on a planet; a mix of an EDWARD Statelite and a structured AI)
    --Level 6: True AI (Robots which are allowed to freely function)
    --Level 7: Archalects (AI Matrioshka Brains, massive level of computations allowed, some using wormholes to increase computation speed)

    -Biotechnology (technology using or dealing with living organisms)*
    --Regenerative Biology (speeds up the regeneration rate of cells)
    ---Perfected Cloning (cloning of animals without genetic deterioration)
    ---Muscle/Tissue/Bone Growing (ability to grow muscles, tissue, and bones for transplant)
    ---Organ Growing (ability to grow organs for transplantation)
    ---Regenerative drugs (drugs capable of keeping the human body young forever)
    ---Accelerated Cloning (speed up the cloning rates)
    ----Human Cloning (ability to clone humans)
    -----Accelerated Human Cloning (faster!)

    Straigh ahead Paris, at one quarter impulse!

    Composite Armor
    Alloy Armor
    Reactive Armor
    Field Strengthening

    Mass Drivers
    Energy Weapons
    Guided Weapons

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    Technology Dump Empty Re: Technology Dump

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:03 am

    This is what the game starts with, that which doesn't need to be researched.

    Lens-Focused Lasers
    Basic Railguns

    Magnetic Shielding
    Composite Armor
    ECM and point defense

    Reaction Drives (for in atmosphere and near planet)
    Reactionless Drives (for around solar systems)
    Jump Drives (for around sectors, also used to activate Wormholes)
    Hyper Drives (for between sectors)

    Radio (used on most worlds and for short distance discussions)
    Laser (used in space, nearly impossible to tap as it is line-of-sight)
    Ansiable (using similar tech to the jump drive, this allows for instantaneous communications, too expensive for anything below ship to ship, ship to planet, and planet to planet comms)

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    Technology Dump Empty Re: Technology Dump

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:03 am

    Unlike other games, where technology is abstract and random, this game introduces a concrete tech tree for players to advance along. These technologies allow various benefits and in a few cases unlock additional abilities to utilize in-game. Technology costs are two fold, one in terms of time and the other as a percentage of your GDP to research and implement. The significant cost of new technology represents not only the R&D involved, but also the investment needed to allow this technology to percolate through your society and become effective.


    For techs, they are listed as such:
    (required techs) cost of tech in % of GDP
    effects (if any) of tech

    High Performance Circuitry Tree

    Origin Technology:
    High Performance Circuitry
    10% of GDP

    VI/AI Technology Branch:

    VI/AI Technology
    8% of GDP


    VI/AI Fire Control
    (Req. VI/AI) 10% of GDP
    5% improvement to ship accuracy

    Predictive Gunnery
    (VI/AI Fire Control) 12% of GDP
    10% to ship accuracy

    (Predictive Gunnery) 15% of GDP
    Massively improves the effectiveness of C3 modules


    Virtual Banking
    (Req. VI/AI) 10% of GDP
    .5% to Annual GDP Growth

    VI Economic Management
    (Req. Virtual Banking) 12% of GDP
    .75% to Annual GDP Growth

    VI Economic Oversight
    (Req. VI Economic Management) 15% of GDP
    1% to annual GDP Growth


    Variable ECM
    (Req. VI/AI) 10% of GDP
    10% more effective ECM

    Improved Variable ECM
    (Req. Variable ECM) 12% of GDP
    15% more effective ECM

    Sensor Baffles
    (Req. Improved Variable ECM) 15% of GDP
    20% more effective ECM


    Networked Stock Exchanges
    10% Cost, (Req. VI/AI) 
    5% Tax Bonus

    AI/VI Brokering
    12% Cost, (Req. Networked Stock Exchanges) 
    7.5% Tax Bonus

    Adaptive Market Regulation
    15% Cost, (Req, AI/VI Brokering) 
    10% Tax Bonus

    (Note: The bonus from tax technologies is applied to the final figure for tax receipts. As an example, a species with a 25% tax rate and Networked Stock Exchanges would receive 26.25% of their GSP, not 30%.)

    Improved Construction Techniques Branch

    Improved Construction Techniques
    8% of GDP


    Advanced Improved Construction Techniques
    (Req. ICT) 10% of GDP
    -5% in cost of construction of units

    Improved Production Facilities
    (Req. AICT) 12% of GDP
    5% faster production of units

    Advanced Improved Production Facilities
    10% faster production of units


    Improved Stellar Navigation Aides
    (Requires ICT) 10% of GDP
    +5% bonus to final trade revenues

    Improved Stellar Navigation Techniques
    (Requires ISNA) 12% of GDP
    +5% bonus to final trade revenues

    Secured Trade Routes
    (Requires ISNT) 15% of GDP
    +10% bonus to final trade revenues


    Missile Sub-Branch

    Missile Miniaturization
    (Requires Improved Construction Techniques) 10% of GDP
    Prereq. for missile improvements.

    Long Range Missiles
    (Req. Missile Miniaturization) 8% of GDP
    +15% to effective missile engagement range

    Decoy Missiles
    (Req. Missile Miniaturization) 8% of GDP
    +15% to effective missile hit success

    Capital Missiles
    (Req. Missile Miniaturization) 10% of GDP
    +20% to missile damage

    Modern Weaponry Tree

    Origin Technology:
    Modern Weaponry
    10% of GDP

    Energy Weapons Branch
    Refined Focusing Lens 
    8% of GDP
    (Requires Modern Weaponry)


    Advanced Improved Focusing Lens 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Refined Focusing Lens)
    5% to energy weapon damage, 10% bonus to point defense

    Improved Beam Weapons 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires AIFL)
    10% to energy weapon damage

    Heterodyne Technology 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires IBW)
    15% to energy weapon damage


    Tracking Lasers 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Refined Focusing Lens)
    10% to Beam Weapon Accuracy, 5% Ballistic Weapons Accuracy, 10% bonus to point defense

    Advanced LIDAR/RADAR 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires Tracking Lasers)
    10% to all weapon accuracy, 5% bonus to point defense

    Neutrino Detection 
    15% of GDP
    (Requires Advanced LIDAR/RADAR)
    10% to all weapon accuracy, enhances basic FTL detection capability; your ships can now detect approximate masses and power curves of ships out of STL sensor contact, not just that they're there.


    Ballistic Weapons Branch:
    Fusion-powered Rails 
    8% of GDP
    (Requires Modern Weaponry)


    Improved Magnetic Coil 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Fusion Powered Rails)
    5% to ballistic weapons damage

    Improved Launch Coil 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires IMC)
    10% to ballistic weapons damage

    Shield Penetrating Slugs 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires ILC)
    15% to ballistic weapons damage


    Hardened Slugs 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Fusion Powered Rails)
    10% to ground support fire damage

    Improved Hardened Slugs 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Hardened Slugs)
    15% to ground support fire damage

    Advanced Kinetic Kill Vehicles 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires IHS)
    10% to ground support fire damage, 15% to ground support fire accuracy


    Ground Forces Branch:
    Planetary Assault Doctrine
    8% of GDP
    (Requires Modern Weaponry)
    5% bonus to all ground combat

    Advanced Planetary C3 Systems 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Planetary Assault Doctrine)
    10% to ground force coordination/command

    Direct Atmospheric Assault Doctrine: 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Advanced Planetary C3 Systems)
    20% to marines and atmospheric squadron effectiveness on attack

    Combined Arms Doctrine: 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Advanced Planetary C3 Systems)
    15% to mobile infantry, artillery, and armor effectiveness

    Coordinated Planetary Defense Networks 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires Advanced Planetary C3 Systems)
    10% bonus to ground forces on defense, planetary defenses

    Redundant Command Networks 
    15% of GDP
    (Requires CPDN)
    15% bonus to ground forces on defense, planetary defenses


    Armor Branch
    Hardened Armor 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Modern Weaponry)
    5% bonus to armor effectivness

    Polymer Coating 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires Hardened Armor)
    10% bonus against ballistic weaponry

    Reflective Coating 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires Hardened Armor)
    10% bonus against energy weaponry

    Anti-Spalling Protection 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires Hardened Armor)
    10% bonus against missile weaponry

    Advanced Improved Armor 
    15% of GDP
    (Requires all armor technologies)
    20% bonus to armor effectiveness


    Shield Branch
    Non-Magnetic Shielding 
    8% of GDP
    (Requires Modern Weaponry)
    5% bonus to shield effectiveness

    Improved Shields 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Non-Magnetic Shielding)
    10% bonus to shield effectiveness

    Advanced Shields 
    12% of GDP
    (Requires Improved Shields)
    15% bonus to shield effectiveness

    Modulating Shields 
    15% of GDP
    (Requires Advanced Shields)
    20% bonus to shield effectiveness


    Parasite Craft Branch

    Fighter and Gunboat Wing Doctrine 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Modern Weaponry)
    5% to all fighter and gunboat characteristics

    Improved Small Weaponry 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Fighter and Gunboat Wing Doctrine)
    10% to fighter and gunboat offense

    Improved Small Craft Construction 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Fighter and Gunboat Wing Doctrine)
    10% to all fighter and gunboat durability

    Advanced Improved Inertial Dampeners 
    10% of GDP
    (Requires Fighter and Gunboat Wing Doctrine)
    15% to fighter and gunboat maximum speed

    Next Generation Fighters 
    15% of GDP
    (Requires all prior parasite craft technology) 
    30% to all fighter and gunboat characteristics

    Energy Tree

    Origin Technology:
    Modern Energy
    10% of GDP


    Power Branch

    Advanced Fusion Power
    8% of GDP


    Graviton Power
    (Req. Advanced Fusion Power) 10% of GDP
    5% bonus to energy weapon damage

    Matter/Antimatter Power
    (Graviton Power) 12% of GDP
    5% bonus to shield effectiveness

    Zero-Point Energy
    (Matter/Antimatter Power) 15% of GDP
    10% bonus to shield effectiveness and energy weapon damage


    Propulsion Branch

    Advanced Propulsion
    8% of GDP


    Graviton Engines
    (Req. Advanced Power Sources) 10% of GDP
    10% improvement to ship speed & range

    Matter/Antimatter Engines
    (Graviton Engines) 12% of GDP
    20% improvement to ship speed & range

    Zero-Point Energy Engines
    (Matter/Antimatter Engines) 15% of GDP
    30% improvement to ship speed & range


    Bioengineering Tree

    Origin Technology:
    10% of GDP


    Agriculture Branch

    Modern Agricultural Techniques
    8% of GDP


    Genetically-tailored Foods
    (Req. Modern Agricultural Techniques) 10% of GDP
    5% bonus to population growth

    Ultra-high-density Agriculture
    (Genetically-tailored Foods) 12% of GDP
    10% bonus to population growth

    (Ultra-high-density Agriculture) 15% of GDP
    15% bonus to population growth


    Species Modification Branch

    Retro-viral Engineering
    8% of GDP


    Designer Soldiers
    (Req. Retro-viral Engineering) 10% of GDP
    5% bonus to all ground combat

    Clone Soldiers
    (Designer Soldiers) 12% of GDP
    Reduce muster time by 50% for ground forces

    Designer Workers
    (Req. Retro-viral Engineering) 12% of GDP
    .5% bonus to annual GDP growth

    Clone Workers
    (Designer Workers) 12% of GDP
    5% bonus to population growth

    The Next Evolutionary Step
    (All prior Retro-viral Engineering techs) 15% of GDP
    15% bonus to all ground soldiers & 1% bonus to annual GDP growth

    Mega Projects

    These are major projects that give you a large advantage, but take time and tech to develop. They are split into LESSER (which you get 1 to start with at the beginning of the game, whether you have the prerequisites or not), and GREATER (Which are bigguns)

    Lesser Mega Projects

    Super-capital ships, each one extremely powerful and well armored, but slow and vulnerable without escorts. $1,000 each.
    Research Cost: 15% of GDP for 2 Years
    Required Technologies: Advanced Improved Armor, Advanced Improved Production Facilities, VI/AI Fire Control, Hardened Armor

    Next-Generation Engines
    Improved engines incorporating advancements in power and design for increases in speed at the cost of some efficiency.
    +5% increase to ship cost.
    Research Cost: 10% of GDP for 2 Years
    Required Technologies: Advanced Improved Production Facilities, Improved Stellar Navigation Techniques, Advanced Improved Inertial Dampeners

    Cloak Field Generators
    Advancements in design that allow dramatic re-engineering of a vessel for stealth, allowing it to minimize its power signature and 'run silent.' Ships running silent may only use missile weapons and run the risk of surprise, as well as their position, being given away the longer an engagement lasts. Sensor networks in node systems are generally too well developed to allow significant infiltration. The ultimate evolution of raider doctrine.
    Research Cost: 15% of GDP for 2 Years
    Required Technologies: Advanced Improved Armor, Advanced LIDAR/RADAR, Sensor Baffles
    Fitting Requirements:

    Scout & Corvette: 1 small module
    Frigate & Destroyer: 1 large module
    Light & Heavy Cruiser: 1 large, 1 small module
    Battlecruiser: 2 large
    Battleship: 2 large, 1 small module
    Anything larger can NOT fit a Cloak Field Generator

    Spinal Mounts
    Centrally mounted beams, ballistics, or missiles of massive proportions. Super heavy weapons that can dramatically increase a ship's ability to engage capital ships, but decrease its effectiveness against smaller, more maneuverable ships.
    Research Cost: 15% of GDP for 2 Years
    Required Technologies: Datalinks, Advanced Improved Construction Techniques, Heterodyne Technology OR Shield Penetrating Slugs, Advanced LIDAR/RADAR

    Fitting Requirements:

    3 large

    Super-Heavy Tanks
    Baneblades. Bolos. Supertanks that concentrate tremendous firepower and the ability to shrug off all but the most concentrated attacks. The weapon of choice for engaging warships operating in an atmosphere. $10 per 'Regiment' of six to twelve super-heavy tanks.
    Research Cost: 15% of GDP for 2 Years
    Required Technologies: Advanced Improved Armor, Combined Arms Doctrine, Improved Production Facilities

    Greater Mega Projects

    Gaia Project
    Advances in terraforming and genetic engineering allow previously less habitable worlds to be crafted into a more ideal form, increasing the ability to colonize any given sector. A new node system is effectively created instantaneously, but will grow slowly over time along with normal economic growth. +1% growth and purchase additional node worlds for $2,500 with +.5% trade per new node. Additional Sector Growth determined by the moderator.
    Research Cost: 20% of GDP for 3 Years
    Required Technologies: Advanced Improved Production Facilities, Advanced Planetary C3, Adaptive Market Regulation

    Artificial Wormholes
    Developments in engineering allow the construction of large, permanently connected gateways that allow wormholes to form between them. These artificial wormholes function just like naturally occurring wormholes, however cannot be connected to them. Trade bonuses as per wormholes and $5,000 per paired gate. Construction takes 4 years.
    Research Cost: 15% of GDP for 4 Years
    Required Technologies: Secured Trade Routes, VI Economic Oversight, Neutrino Detection

    Advanced construction techniques that allow the construction of colossal mega-structures of various sizes. Stations are crafted in terms of modules, allowing varying sizes of station. Each module includes the firepower and defenses of several Monitors, as well as two integrated Escort slipways and a Cruiser slipway. Every three modules included in one station provides a free Capital slipway. These stations function as major trade centers and NPCs will recognize them for what they are, that the nation building them is one of the big boys in the galaxy. $2,500 per module and +.5% trade per station. Construction takes 3 years plus 20% per additional module.
    Research Cost: 20% of GDP for 3 Years
    Required Technologies: Advanced Improved Production Facilities, VI Economic Management, Advanced Planetary C3

    Advanced FTL Communications Infrastructure
    Dramatically improves FTL communications infrastructure to the point of effectively creating an FTL interstellar internet. Scientists share data much more efficiently, coordinating interstellar shipping is much more streamlined, even children may communicate instantly with friends on other worlds. -10% Research cost, +1% trade, improved sensor net function.
    Research Cost: 20% of GDP for 3 Years
    Required Technologies: Datalinks, VI Economic Oversight, Improved Stellar Navigation Aide

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    Post by Cthulhuvong on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:18 am

    Power Generation
    Coal / Steam
    Petrochemicals, Internal combustion
    Nuclear Fission 
    Solar energy, early Fuel Cells

    Early Fusion, Improved Batteries 
    Intermediate Fusion
    Advanced Fusion, Advanced Fuel Cells

    Early Antimatter Plants
    Antimatter Plants
    Intermediate Antimatter Plants
    Advanced Antimatter Plants

    Composite (basic-int-adv) - Everyone starts with basic.
    Exotic Material (basic-int-adv) - requires access to an exotic material of some sort.
    Alloy (basic-int-adv) - Everyone starts with basic.
    Reactive (basic-int-adv) - Everyone starts with basic.

    -Nanotube strengthening (basic-int-adv)
    -Polarized Layers (basic-int-adv)
    -Field Strengthening (basic-int-adv)


    -Ballistic Weapons (basic-int-adv) (Everyone starts with basic)
    -Railguns (basic-int-adv) (Everyone starts with basic)
    -Energy Weapons (basic-int-adv) (Everyone starts with basic)
    -Plasma Projectiles (basic-int-adv) (prerequisite basic fusion)
    -Guided Weapons (basic-int-adv) (Everyone starts with basic)
    -Laser Weapons (basic-int-adv) (prerequisite intermediate fusion)
    -Nuclear Weapons (basic-int-adv) (prerequisite basic nuclear tech)
    -Antimatter Projectiles (basic-int-adv) (prerequisite basic antimatter) 

    Railguns would go Basic = Mass Driver, Int = ships and land vehicle based, and Adv would be squad support and infantry weapons

    Nukes would go Basic = A-bomb, Int = EMP Bomb/H-bomb, Adv = Neutron Bomb/Heavy H-Bomb

    Als are artificial intelligence software running on computers. Al refers to the capacity for sentience and intelligent action, but not necessarily self-awareness. AI labor is partially responsible for the increases in global productivity characteristic of the last half-century.

    Limbs, eyes and organ replacements, mechanical/electronic.

    "Gengineering" is the practice of manipulating genes 10 produce desired changes in an organism. Genetic information, encoded in the molecule DNA. tells a growing organism's cells what proteins to make when, which detemines the organism's structure. 

    In 2100, the genomes of humans and many other plants and animals have been thoroughly mapped, More importantly. the protein-coding functions and synergystic relationships of many genes are understood. though not all.

    This technology has partially replaced conventional brick-and-mortar distribution and retailing with "print on demand" goods. It is also one reason why small space colonies and moon bases are economically viable.

    The basis of minifacturing is advanced 3D printing. The first printers laid down a single 2D layer of ink on a sheet of paper. The new 3D devices deposit a wide variety of materials (such as liquid plastic. conductive and resistive ceramics, metal powders. powder-epoxy composites, or self-assembling nanostructures) in a 3D matrix, treating them with glue, heat, or laser sintering.

    DNA, self-assembling protein molecules and gengineered viruses.

    Another can of worms like minifacturing.

    Intelligent robots and grown beings made to do work.

    SPACE HABITATS (Have to rename all of these...or not)
    O'neill Cylinders - giant cylinders with planetformed land on the inside. Can hold a few million people.

    Stanford Torus - bicycle wheel shaped, landscape and gravity on the floor of the outer rim with spokes serving as elevators to a microgravity hub in the center. Houses about 50,000 people.

    Dry Nanotech - no, there are no tiny robots working molecule by molecule to build things.

    Real-time Multilingual Translators - makes communication between players easier if we all have translators that automatically translate what we're saying. That way the game can be in english and everything is ok.

    FTL Comms - Yes, FTL is normally a no-no on the realism scale. However, how else do you explain near instantaneous posting of messages from interstellar distances? If you guys want I can make up a semi-plausible explanation for it.

    Under-Sea/Under Ice Cities - Nearly self-sufficient populations under the waves.

    Arcology - singular structures which house massive populations. Instead of the urban sprawl of modern cities, these cities-within-a-building spread up and are mostly self-sufficient.

    Planetforming - Terraforming. Basically it would take a single project trillions and decades to fully planetform a world.

    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - basic labor models. No self-awareness.

    BIONICS - working replacements of most limbs as well as eyes.

    GENETIC ENGINEERING - most genetic structures mapped, small amount of gengineering been happening to humans for 30-40 years.

    MINIFACTURING - has replaced most small-scale manufacturing.

    NANOTECHNOLOGY - helps fight diseases and viruses. 

    ANDROIDS AND BIOROIDS - as the labor models listed above.

    SPACE HABITATS - floating over Earth and other worlds.

    Real-time Multilingual Translators - Keep us able to talk to each other.

    FTL Comms - Micro-Wormholes keep us all in communication.

    Under-Sea/Under Ice Cities - The Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic alliances have some of these.

    Arcology - Most major cities have these now.

    Terraforming - Mars has been terraformed for 50 years, and is nearly habitable. Martian nations are now the major forces behind the terraforming.

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    That is a metric-fuck-ton of shit to keep track of man.

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    This is just a place to dump ideas. Most probably wont make it in the beginning.

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