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    Political and Economic Dump Empty Political and Economic Dump

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    Articles of the Galactic Assembly

    Supreme Authority of the Assembly
    Though composed of many individual empires, each with their own local laws and customs. Laws passed by the Assembly are similar to the old UN resolutions in that they are stern suggestions, not “laws” in the full legal sense. Likewise, all members must acknowledge the authority of the Assembly and its organs as the final arbiters of disputes or other conflicts, however the decisions do not need to be followed.

    Unified Standards
    The Assembly establishes a number of standards for use by all member empires. This includes a calendar, a currency, and a timekeeping system. All members must accept and use these standards when dealing with the Assembly and other members. They are free to use other standards locally, but these standards never take precedence over those established by the Assembly.

    Ban on Targeting Civilian Populations
    The Assembly bans the targeting of civilian populations in attacks by one empire against another. This includes all forms of attacks, from weapons of mass destruction to artillery strikes to terrorist attacks. The Assembly tends to look the other way when small amounts of civilians get killed, but blowing up civilian structures that are still occupied is dealt with harshly. Indiscriminate destruction of a planet's non-combatant population and/or ecosystem is a violation of this ban. While the Assembly generally prefers a laissez-faire approach to most matters, the abuse of this article is always dealt with swiftly, even being enforced upon its neighbors should they break it.

    Ban on Weapons of Mass Destruction
    The Assembly bans the use of all weapons of mass destruction (radiological, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons),on planets and other celestial bodies, and deals harshly with any member or group that attempts to use such weapons on celestial bodies.

    Equality before the Law
    Every citizen of the Assembly is held accountable for his actions. In addition, every citizen possesses sovereign rights that are guaranteed by the Assembly. This area is very vague despite the Convention on Sentient Rights, and some regions do not give their citizens any rights, while others try to give them all rights possible.

    No Slavery
    Any creature deemed to be sapient, however primitive, is considered protected under the Assembly and possessed of the full rights pertaining thereto. Chattel slavery is thus strictly forbidden by the Assembly and anyone who attempts to flout this law is usually treated very harshly.

    The Galactic Assembly
    Chief among the governmental organs established by the Assembly is the legislature known as the Galactic Assembly, whose representatives are chosen by members at regular intervals. Each member has 1 representative in the GA.

    First Secretary
    Head of the GA, whom is selected by his peers to run the administration of the Assembly. Cast the tie-breaking vote when needed, and elected every 5 Earth years. Though there is no rule about it, every First Secretary has come from the United Federation.

    *Galactic Assembly – forum for international debate
    - The Galactic Assembly – where discussion and debate are held in the open
    - - Disarmament and International Security Committee – deals with international security
    - - Economic and Financial Committee – deals with economic and financial problems
    - - Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee – deals with social and cultural problems
    - - Special Political and Colonization Committee – deals with colonization and political issues
    - - Administrative and Budgetary Committee – deals with administration of the Assembly, and budget
    - - Legal Committee – deals with legal problems of the Assembly
    - - General Committee – made up of the First Secretary and heads of all the other Committees
    - GA programs
    - - Human Rights Council
    - - Conference on Trade and Development
    - - Drug Control Program
    - - Development Program
    - - Environmental Program
    - - Children’s Economic Fund (GACEF)
    - - Food and Agricultural Organization
    - - Institute for Training and Research
    - - Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
    - - Research Institute for Social Development
    - - Institute for Disarmament Research
    - - Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
    - - Joint Inspection Unit - the internal affairs/oversight of internal SC happenings
    - - International Labor Organization
    - - Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
    - - Galactic Health Organization
    - - Interstellar Civil Aviation, Maritime, and Astrogation Organization
    - - Interstellar Postal Authority – responsible for all interplanetary and interstellar communications
    - - Worlds Intellectual Property Union
    - - Industrial Development Organization
    - - Worlds Tourism Organization
    - - Anti-Terrorist Taskforce
    - - Anti-Slavery Taskforce
    - - Anti-Crime Organization
    - - various Peacekeeping Operations
    - Secretariat – the organization of the First Secretary
    - - Office of the First Secretary
    - - Office of Internal Oversight Services - internal audits and the like
    - - Office of Legal Affiars
    - - Department of Political Affairs
    - - Office for Disarmament Affairs
    - - Department of Peacekeeping Operations
    - - Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
    - - Department of Economic and Social Affairs
    - - Department of the Galactic Assembly
    - - Department of Public Information
    - - Department of Management
    - - Office of Drugs and Crime
    - Galactic Court of Justice – primary judicial organ of the Assembly, a respected and fair arbiter between nations
    - - Galactic Supreme Court – final judicial authority in the Assembly
    - - Galactic Criminal Court – tribunal to prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression
    - - Covert Operations Establishment – undercover operations
    - - Psionic Studies Institute – deals with psionic phenomenon and licenses psions
    - - Special Judical Service – internal affairs
    - - Interplanetary Police (INTERPOL) – works with worldwide police agencies to cooperate against criminal activity
    - - Mercenary Regulatory Agency – sets policies and directives for mercenary companies

    *Galactic Bank – works to aid economic development in poor empires
    - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    - International Development Association
    - International Finance Corporation
    - Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
    - International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes
    - International Monetary Fund

    *Commission for Interplanetary Peace and Security – CIPS, attempts to solve interplanetary disputes before they can deteriorate into conflicts

    *Free Trade League – league of traders lobbying for freer trade

    *Interstellar Survey Society – explores and charts the frontier and maintains accurate records of all worlds
    - Exploration Division – explores and charts the frontier
    - Census Division – maintains accurate records

    *Solar Diamond – neutral corps dedicated to providing professional medical care (like the Red Cross)

    *Ascended Coalition of Liberty - rogue group of terrorists whom attack government buildings and personnel in the space of the Empires

    *Cartel - an organization of major trade companies working together to ensure the best business possible for all. It is led by the heads of 11 major corporations, though membership changes from time to time as companies' powers grow and wain. Other corporations, while not able to vote, still have seats on the council in order for their voices to be heard, but who is allowed to sit in the council is decided by the 11 leading corps.

    *Freelance Independant Corporations (FLIC) - A couple hundred negotiators officially appointed by various freelancing corporations, without it Cartel would have no power over Freelancers and smaller corps

    Leading Corporations
    Venusian Bank (largest UF bank, controls and regulates exchange rates and gives out loans)
    Zenith Orbital Network (ZONet, news and entertainment corporation)
    Amadeus Mining Conglomerate (mining corp)
    Cargo Intergalactic (cargo transport company)
    General Electric (general industry)
    Interplanetary Transport Services (personnel transport)
    Terra Firma Corporation (GE competitor)
    Vector Starships (shipbuilders)
    Whitlock & Franks (shipbuilders)
    Jovian Armory (shipbuilders and arms corp)
    Grand Commerce Guild (biggest transport and trade service in the Cartel)

    Other Corps
    Traxis News Network (TNN, major competitor of ZONet)
    Northern Alliance Realty (buys and sells property rights)
    Citadel Corporation (defense manufacturer)
    Directorate Arms (arms corp)
    Freedom Protections (arms corp)
    Dark Matter (arms dealers)
    Agro Worlds (agriculture company)
    Ageira Technologies (void gate and space researchers)
    Border World Exports (Bowex Shipping Company, a pioneer in the exploration of the Unknown Regions and a major supplier to outer worlds)
    Bounty Hunter Guild (security-oriented services)
    Cryer Pharmaceuticals (markets a wide array of both commercially available and restricted-class drugs)
    Daumann Heavy Construction (mining and manufacturing)
    Deep Space Engineering (construction company, has an exclusive contract with Ageria Technologies to build Jump Gates throughout known space, once they figure out how)
    Farmers Alliance (large group of allied farms which is represented in the Cartel)
    Independent Miners Guild (IMG) (loose confederation of miners who work those fields that have thus far remained undeveloped by the larger mining companies, formerly members of the FLIC)
    Interspace Commerce (transport and trade service)
    Kishiro Technologies (research and technology firm)
    Argus Agency (military and intel ops)
    Janissaries (security, paramilitary and black ops)
    PeaceKeepers Interplanetary (PKI, security)
    Six Heads Lightning Warriors (group of fighters based on 6 jump ships)
    Karstov Academy (research)
    Hardtech (research and production)
    Starvos Weapon Designs (research and production)
    Galactic Mining Guild (GMG, resource gathering)
    RK Arms (small arms manufacturing)
    Interplanetary Consortium for Enterprise (ICE, general supplies)
    NewTech (research)
    Allied Delivery Service (transport)
    Kruger Minerals (resource gathering)
    Freedom Police Inc (FPI, private company that handles the policing of space to interdict the importation of contraband and to prevent attacks on civilian and comercial traffic)
    Universal Shipping (specializes in the shipping of high-risk, high-value cargo)

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