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    Post by Cthulhuvong on Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:56 pm

    Wayward Empires
    Year 4030

    Setting: Space.
    After some sort of cataclysmic event, Humans are forced from Earth on board sleeper ships to colonize new sectors throughout the Galaxy, after a thousand years, these colonies develop into interplanetary governments inside their sectors. However, some explorers find a construct in space and after some fiddling with the thing, it activates, suddenly, these gates are being found activated throughout the Galaxy, they are each able to connect with 1-3 other gates and are large enough for massive ships and small fleets to pass through at once. Surprisingly, all the gates seem to be inside of sectors where the human species has settled, which creates a new age where, for the first time, they are able to communicate again, but they have grown apart, there are dictatorships, democracies, and various other types of governments, it seems as though they all have very little in common any longer.

    These are the Wayward Empires...

    A gate to Sol is located but the planet has since turned into nothing more than a dusty desert, void of all life. The various groups decide to declare this a neutral zone where no nation will fire upon another under any circumstances, they establish a starbase, known as Starbase Zero, here where they can all come together and have representatives speak on their behalf. A news agency crops up at SZ who is somehow able to transmit their single to every planet that is connected by a void gate, though they are not telling how this is possible and their rights are protected as they hold their base of operations in Sol. Pilgrims set up the starbase as their home and soon a coalition government known as the Sol Federation sets themselves up in SZ, they declare that Sol is a place of peace and that they will take a neutral stance on all activities, though military vessels in the sector will be destroyed.

    Their military might, born of a thousand world's pilgrims, goes unchallenged in Sol, and so it becomes a true safe haven for government representatives from throughout the Galaxy to simply come discuss matters...

    The Game:
    We're set in the distant future, obviously, and no one should have any prior communications which means there would be no starting alliances for at least the first year as everyone gets to know their neighbor. Starting technologies and military units will all be generic and we should ensure that everyone and their mother has access to these base techs so that people are on literally the same footing, we might have planet stats themselves be the same at the start to support a fair beginning to all involved and generate a galaxy that is SUPER easy for avatars to create. Militaries themselves will be restricted by a new stat called a command level, this level determines how many ships your nation can field and would cost a crap load of money to advance, which means other domestic stats will suffer for the investment in advanced training for fleet officers and the like.

    A starting sector will consist of three planets, each in their own system, the location of this sector is chosen by the player on a map that is made up of hexagons, they are not limited to where they can start, except that they cant be in an already occupied hex, or one right next to an already occupied hex. The hexagons will each be marked with a number, this represents your sectors coordinates, the gate from your sector will immediately connect to the closest 3 gates upon your nations creation and the Sol system gate, as that is the hub of all gates. Now, the starting stats themselves might be almost identical to the one next to you, but customization comes in with things like government type, society beliefs, economic policy, and many others, there will be plenty of time to set yourself apart from the pack as the game progresses, this function will set the lions of nation simming apart from the sheep, you reap what you sow.

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