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    Post by Cthulhuvong on Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:27 pm

    General Information
    Empire Name: Select your name
    History: This is the history of your nation. You are allowed to go as far back into history as you'd like, but please don't make yourself some uber nation that once ruled the galaxy. You are allowed to go as in depth as you want with this section, and it may affect your beginning stats.

    Society: Here put information about your society and culture.

    Capital City, Capital Planet: Name of Capital City and Planet
    Other Planets: List of other Planets you control
    Sector Numbers: the sectors your planets are in

    Species: What species make up your population?
    Ethnicity: Are there separate ethnicities within each species? If so, list them here and their traits.

    Government Type: Please enter a government type. You are allowed to mix and match to make made up governments, but please, be reasonable about them.
    Executive Branch: Does your government have an executive branch? What is the executive branch made up of?
    Legislative Branch: Does your government have a legislative branch? What is the legislative branch made up of?
    Judicial Branch: Does your government have a judicial branch? What is the judicial branch made up of?
    Other Branches: Are there any other branches to your government?
    Elected Positions: Which positions in your government are elected? How long are their terms? How are elections handled? Is there a method to replace elected officials?

    Primary Industries: What industries does your empire excel in?
    Tax Rate: how much do you tax your people and corporations?
    Infrastructure Rate: This is the percentage of your GDP that your country spends directly on itself each turn.

    Military Ratings
    Here you put how good your nation is in every stat. You get 100 points to split between all 4 stats below.


    Military Industry
    Here you put your 3 choices for industries your star nation has. Your choices are as follows:
    Planetary (Armor)
    Planetary (Personnel Equipment)
    Planetary (Industrialization)
    Space (Spacecraft)
    Space (Escort Ship)
    Space (Cruiser Ship)
    Space (Capital Ship)

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