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    Code of Conduct

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:40 am

    These are guidelines for conduct on the Wayward Empires website. Violations will result in disciplinary action ranging from poster warnings to permanent banning.

    1. Think before you post. These boards have a certain standard on inappropriate material. Submitted content deemed to be overly profane, violent, graphic, pornographic, or prejudicial is not allowed. Violation of this rule will usually result in a poster warning and deletion of the content in question. The precise standards vary between in-character and out-of-character forums, and we are reasonably liberal in this matter, but please use your common sense.

    Let it be made clear that you do not have a right to free speech on these boards. Under United States law, free speech requires a government actor and is not binding on the private sector, i.e. the management of this site. We reserve the legal right to restrict access to this site to people who post material contrary to the spirit of these guidelines.

    2. Harassment will not be tolerated. This website promotes a friendly environment (whenever possible), and all debate should be constructive. Insults and character attacks (not blatant harassment) are sometimes overlooked in out-of-character forums, but in in-character forums, harassment of any kind not directly within reasonable context of role-playing will result in disciplinary action. In all forums, please recognize the difference between casual, victimless profanity and direct verbal harassment.

    If you feel you are being harassed on this website, please contact an avatar with your grievance. Punishment will vary depending on seriousness, but will probably involve suspension. If said harassment continues outside this website into other areas of communication or real life, we suggest seeking legal counsel. We will rarely if ever deal out punishment for actions taken by our players outside of this website unless it relates to their conduct here.

    3. Stay in character. In in-character forums, we have a strict policy on out-of-character comments. To be perfectly clear, "in-character" content is text/comments that are stated from the perspective of your character, the leader of a nation or organization, with no information or phrasing within that would contradict that role. "Out-of-character" content is text/comments that are stated from your own perspective, as a person. In an in-character forum (that is, any forum other than the Others Board category and the Game News forum), you may not make out-of-character (OOC) comments. For instance, this would be unacceptable in an in-character (IC) forum:

    I'm gonna invade you once the Avatars process my action

    In that statement, the player used OOC knowledge and terminology, so it is considered an OOC statement. On this website, OOC must be properly denoted in order to be allowed.

    I'm going to have to agree with the representative
    OOC: have to go, talk to you later

    4. Maintain reasonable activity. Depending on the importance of your nation, we expect varying levels of activity from our players. If you have built yourself up to a large Empire, we will generally expect you to visit the forums at least every other day (not without exception, of course) and notify us of any extended vacations. For other Empire, we expect a minimum activity level of one visit per week. If you fail to post in the in-character forums at least once a week, you may loose your Empire.

    Excessive activity, while uncommon, is not wanted. Excessive activity loads the avatars with many actions, slowing the time in which they can process actions from other players. As a general rule, limit yourself to one action per avatar per day, or less. For you obsessive nation-builders out there, you know who you are, the LBC is a perfect place to release your pent-up politicizing.

    5. Multiple accounts are not allowed. You may only hold one nation at a time. Never start multiple accounts on this board in order to control more than one nation and/or organization. This unbalances the game dramatically by placing power over more than one nation in the hands of a single person.

    The board administrators are able to track user activity to detect this, even if different IP addresses are used. Violation of the rule against multiple accounts will range between warning and banning, depending on prior offenses. All multi-accounts will be deleted upon detection.

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