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    Interstellar Companies and Organizations


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    Interstellar Companies and Organizations Empty Interstellar Companies and Organizations

    Post by Cthulhuvong on Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:32 am

    Black Scorpions - Mercenaries/Security Firm
    Alberta Farmers' Cooperative - Agriculture
    Foundation for Practical Knowledge - Research and Development
    Institute for the Study of Xenobiologies - Xenobiological Research
    Life Foundation - Colonization
    Pioneer Society - Exploration and Exploitation of New Worlds
    Trilon - Consumer Products, Computers, Starships
    Aberdeen Mineral Exploitation Company - Mining, Investments
    Arno - Small Arms
    Darlan Optophysique - Energy Weapons and Fusion Systems
    General Service Transport - Large-Scale Transport
    Sortech Enterprises - Robotics and Drones
    Astarte - Robotics
    Legion Defense - Small and Large Weaponry and Military Vehicles
    Executive Decisions Incorporated - Mercenaries/Security Firm
    Amadeus Mining Conglomerate - Mining
    Cargo Intergalactic - Cargo Transport
    Interplanetary Transport Services - Personnel Transport
    Vector Starships - Starships
    Whitlock & Franks - Starships
    Grand Commerce Guild - Transport, Trade
    Citadel Corporation - Small and Large Weaponry and Military Vehicles
    Directorate Arms - Small and Large Weaponry
    Freedom Protections - Small and Large Weaponry
    Agro Worlds - Agriculture
    Ageira Technologies - Void Gate and Void Space Research
    Border World Exports - Exploration and Cargo
    Bounty Hunter Guild - Security Firm
    Cryer Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceuticals
    Daumann Heavy Construction - Mining, Manufacturing
    Deep Space Engineering - Construction
    Farmers Alliance - Agriculture
    Independent Miners Guild - Mining
    Interspace Commerce - Transport and Trade
    Kishiro Technologies - Research and Development
    Argus Agency - Mercenaries and Intelligence
    Janissaries - Security, Paramilitary Black Ops
    PeaceKeepers Interplanetary - Security
    Karstov Academy - Research
    Hardtech - Research and Production
    Starvos Weapon Designs - Research and Production
    Galactic Mining Guild - Mining
    RK Arms - Small Arms
    Interplanetary Consortium for Enterprise - General Supplies
    NewTech - Research
    Allied Delivery Service - Transport
    Kruger Minerals - Mining
    Freedom Police Inc - Private Policing, Security Firm
    Universal Shipping - Cargo Transport

    Other Organizations
    Provolution - Genetic and Cybernetic Modification of Humanity
    Ausländische Befreiungsfront - Germanic-based 'Alien Liberation Front'
    Ascended Coalition of Liberty - Terrorists whom Attack Governments


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